I am a 20 year old musical artist from the outskirts of London in the UK. I’m not entirely sure how you would describe my music, but the one thing I keep consistent within my work is meaning. I try and touch upon relevant matters that others may be hesitant  to, because I feel personally that is what I would want to hear as a listener. I find inspiration for these songs daily, by simply just observing daily life for myself and others.

I write and sing songs about mental health, bullying, crime, ambition and love. These are all things that happen on a daily basis, so I touch upon them frequently within my music. I personally draw towards artists like Dave and XXXTentacion for this reason, as they are true artists within the music scene. It is a misconception that all of my music relates directly to my personal life experiences, as this is not true.

I am able to gain inspiration fairly easily, because when I feel passionately about something, you can guarantee that I will speak on it. Some days I will just wake up and  know that I will have to tell a story for my fans to enjoy but also for my own peace of mind. This is because I know I wouldn’t be able to keep quiet when I have something to say.

I feel like this is a reputation I am slowly starting to gain and I feel humbled.  I would like to think that my music is versatile, appealing to a wider audience than what may appear to be the case. I am using my platform for love and positivity, giving to charity and helping people overcome their own personal difficulties, because that’s how I see my blueprint as an artist. This has always been me and will always continue to be me. Music has changed my life so much, and I will forever be grateful for it. Join me on my journey. The best is yet to come.