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Latest Release

Tarun Puri is a lo-fi singer-songwriter with heartfelt lyrics, passionate vocals, and an honest, emotive delivery. He writes his lyrics from a very honest and personal perspective, crafting engaging stories and progressive melodies. Tarun’s latest release, ‘Sunrise’ features Teddy Trillion’s crisp bars and Source’s immaculate production. The three worked very well on the track together, creating a very upbeat and summery track.

The concept of ‘Sunrise’ was to reference to a nice, summery day when the three artists were locked into a studio session to create the song. The visuals perfectly captured this, as it shows Tarun and Teddy recording the song inside Sherwood Studios all day. ‘Sunrise’ is an oxymoron, a story about creating a song in the studio when all you want to do is enjoy the nice weather. ‘Sunrise’ is a nice little pick me up for when the days are getting that little bit colder, and a little bit darker.

‘Sunrise’ drops on the 10th of November at 6:00PM on all digital platforms, so stay locked in. To pre-save the song, click here.

Written by Felix Sweetenham.

© Copyright - Tarun Puri