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Throughout my music journey, I have been blessed enough to receive a wide range of beautiful messages from my mini-community. The reason I make music is to connect with people on a deeper level. Therefore, it is incredibly special for me to receive so many lovely messages from people that have connected with my music on a deeper level.

“Hey, thank you for making the music you make. You’re making a difference and are so appreciated”.

Archives - Tarun Puri

“I have to thank you friend. Your songs mean a lot to me. Every time I’m stressed or anything I just listen to your songs and the stress goes away”.

Letter 2

“Such a dreamy artist. You just keep on getting better and better”.

Archives -Tarun Puri

“Your latest album  is incredible man, so proud of you”.

Letter 6

“I just wanted to say that you’re absolutely smashing it and keep it up. The worlds at your feet bro, you’ve got all the talent and drive you could ask for. Excited to see where you end up”.

Letter 5

“I love the album brother. I haven’t listened to it as much as Lullaby but I already love it. You’ve got loads of styles which is what you’re best at. Like Wait For Me is like Rex Orange County, then you go and make me cry with Dog Days. Overall, I love it bro. Success undoubtedly soon come”.

Tarun Puri

“I appreciate your music bro. I’m not sure how you haven’t already blown up to be honest. Keep pushing because you’re destined for greatness. It’s great to see you still pursuing your dream though. It’s really inspiring, I can’t lie”.

Letter 7

Wait For Me is a huge tune. It’s probably on a par with Night Angel. The little choir action in there as well really makes it, you smashed it bro. It’s such a good tune, I genuinely can’t wait for the album now”.

Archives - Tarun Puri

“I’m so glad to hear more melodic stuff from you bro. It’s giving me the vibes I got from Pretend which has always been my favourite of yours”.

Letter 9

“This is absolutely amazing to listen to. So proud of you and what you’re doing with your platform. The future is so bright for you”.

Archives -Tarun Puri

“I can’t wait for the whole album. It’s going to be so vibesy and upbeat, which is very appreciated in an otherwise dull time of year. I’m so here for it. Honestly you can pull of so many genres. Truly so talented”.

Tarun Puri

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