My Story:
Growing up, I was always surrounded by music. I liked to sing when I was younger, but nothing serious. My friendship group were fortunately massive music fans, so I was always hearing about new songs and artists. My sister was also extremely into her music, so I was exposed to a lot of loud singing coming from her room.

I remember at school, we had a lesson once a week called ‘activities’. This basically meant that you got allocated an hour a week to pick an ‘activity’ that you wanted to try out. There was stuff like photography and art you could choose. I remember we all chose music. It was mainly to just chill if I’m being honest. It was the last lesson before lunch too and I remember the music teachers letting you go to lunch early. It seemed like a no brainer, although none of us had any musical talent whatsoever. On the last day of term, the head of the music department came in and told us to show her something we had learnt that semester. She said that unless one of us could show her something, we would be forced to pick another activity. The boys all knew that I kind of liked singing but not properly or anything. They just knew that I enjoyed it secretly. So they put me forward to show the teacher something. I can’t even remember what I sang but I knew the boys would be gutted if I couldn’t secure their early lunch. So I just sang. I remember the teacher saying she loved my voice and that I should perform at the school’s end of year show… so I did. The rest will be history