There has been so many highlights over the last few years. I have been blessed throughout my journey. Having an amazing friendship group that have supported me the whole way, has been a huge blessing. This is why I always refer to the importance of having a strong support network, as it can ultimately be the difference. My network gave me the confidence and belief to pursue music and chase my dreams.

The foundations were set during my years at School. However, I was able to make a huge breakthrough in my music career whilst attending University. The ability to put myself out there to do more live performances was critical in taking my music to the next level. Firstly, I off by doing a lot of smaller shows around Birmingham to build my courage. A few months down the line, I was approached to perform at Players Bar in Birmingham. This was a surreal moment for me, as we had spent so many of our nights out at this venue. It was a no brainer, so I obviously said yes. Looking back at the photos from that night bring back so many beautiful memories for me.

The one constant we kept throughout our three years at University was photoshoots for merchandise. This was organised with my good friend, Farai Chiraga. I created the merchandise to shoot and Farai effortlessly captured the clothing on film. Although these days were organised to photoshoot merchandise, they were so much more important when I reflect now. They captured a moment in time. These photos will forever be there to look back on and reminisce.

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