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For Tarun, community is everything. He places immense importance on building relationships and connecting with people, through his music. Connect with Tarun and become a part of the family.

I have always placed the community at the front of everything that I do. I find it so important to give back to the same community that supported your journey from the very start. That’s why I wanted to open a recording studio in Maidenhead. Above all, my goal is to provide more opportunities for young creatives, to get into a studio and record their music. When I first starting making music, I always found myself bouncing from one studio to another. Therefore, I never really had a creative home that fully supported me at the start of my journey. This is why I opened Sherwood Studios in Maidenhead, Berkshire. It’s where I grew up, having attended Reading Blue Coat School. In conclusion, I feel a lot of love towards the local community. Therefore, I have made it my responsibility to provide more opportunities for young people interested in music.

Similarly, I have also worked alongside a number of different charities during my music career. These include Child Bereavement UK, Young Minds and Cardiac Risk in the Young. During my first year at the University of Birmingham, I had sadly lost one of my closest friends, Eddie. The news had shocked all of us at University, as none of us knew what to do. We spent a lot of time comforting each other, as Eddie’s loss had left such a huge gap in all of our respective friendship groups.

I approached Eddie’s best friend Matt Herbert, to see if we could collaborate on something to try and raise some money for Child Bereavement UK. Therefore, we concluded that Matt would create the artwork for a song I had written for Eddie. The idea was to print Matt’s artwork on t-shirts and sell them across the whole University of Birmingham. Therefore, all proceeds went to Child Bereavement UK, in memory of Eddie.

I was given my platform by the community and I will always do everything I can to give back to the same community. If you ever needed someone to speak to about anything, I’m always here to help. We need to rely on each other to get through our everyday struggles. I make music to tell stories that people can relate to. Above all, I strive for deeper human connection, and will always be someone the community can speak to. In conclusion, if you ever want to speak about anything urgent or just want to have a chat, please get in contact here.

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