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My Story

Growing up, music was the number one thing that brought everyone together. I enjoyed singing when I was younger, but nothing serious. My friendship group were fortunately massive music fans, so I was always hearing about new songs and artists. At school, we spent our lunch break listening to music.

At school, we had a lesson once a week called ‘activities’. There was stuff like photography and art you could choose. We all chose music, thinking it would be easy. We thought we could just chill if I’m being honest. Activities was the last lesson before lunch too and I remember the music teachers letting you go to lunch early. It seemed like a no brainer, although none of us had any musical talent whatsoever. We just sailed through, playing our own music on a portable speaker before lunch.

On the last day of term, the Head of the Music Department came in and told us to show her something we had learnt that semester. Therefore, one of us had to step up or we would be forced to pick another activity. The boys all knew that I kind of liked singing but not properly or anything. So they put me forward to show the teacher something. I knew the boys would be gutted if I couldn’t secure their early lunch. It was one of those moments where you can’t think about it too much. Therefore,I just had to sing. After that, the teacher said she loved my voice and that I should perform at the school’s end of year show, so I did.

Now, I’m running Sherwood Studios which is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of creatives. There are so many fond memories when I think back to how it all started. All it took was for someone to put me in a vulnerable situation, for me to realise my full potential. Therefore, I want to give the next generation of creatives the same opportunity. Everyone starts somewhere, so why not start today? If you’re interested in booking recording time at Sherwood Studios, get in contact here.

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