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Radio Stations Featuring Tarun Puri

Tarun Puri has has amassed over four million streams across streaming platforms. Similarly, radio stations have stayed hot on his tail. BBC have especially shown Tarun a lot of love for his music, placing him on their BBC Introducing, BBC Berkshire, BBC Asian Network, BBC 1Xtra and BBC West Midlands stations. Tarun’s journey started all the way back in 2016, making these moments very special. In conclusion, Tarun’s journey hasn’t come without its ups and downs. However, radio stations have always shown Tarun perpetual love throughout.

Having attended the University of Birmingham, Tarun was keen to build a community and fan base in Birmingham. Through a number of performances and studio sessions, Tarun was picked up by the BBC West Midlands. Rakeem Omar especially showed Tarun’s music a lot of love, hailing him as ‘extremely versatile’. After that, BBC Introducing started to take notice. The likes of Alex West and Nicky Booty from the BBC Berkshire team have always supported Tarun along his journey. They have previewed tracks such as ‘Wait For Me’, ‘The Moon’, ‘Dog Days’ and ‘Love To Hate’ live on air.

Through the continual support from the BBC Berkshire team, Tarun had caught the attention of the BBC Asian Network. In addition, they labelled Tarun as ‘one of the most exciting ones to watch’. This was in anticipation of his second EP, ‘Love To Hate’. Finally, Tarun’s dream of being played on BBC 1Xtra came true. Above all, this put Tarun on the map. The wider UK scene started to take notice of the work he has been putting in.

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